Breath easy: Six tips for cleaning mold out of your air conditioning unit

Mold grows in dark humid places, which qualifies your air conditioning unit as a prime location for mold to grow. Black mold has been known to cause many significant health issues and of course any type of mold can cause allergies to flare-up. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit can help you get rid of old.


Here are six and cleaning tips to help you get rid of that mold:


  1. Wear protective clothing
    Respiratory mask and long sleeves are a must when dealing with mold especially if you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to it.


  1. Cleanup the dust
    Either by hand or by using a vacuum cleaner or a dusting cloth, clean out the inside and outside of the A/C unit. The more clean it is the more likely you’re able to see that you’ve got the entire mold.


  1. Clean the vent cover
    If you’re able to remove the vent cover for your A/C unit taken it off and soak it in a solution of water and laundry detergent from that 50 minutes. After this be sure to let it dry thoroughly.


  1. Replace the filter
    If you know that you have mold in your A/C unit it’s not even worth your time to time clean the filter. Throw it  way and purchase a new one.


  1. Clean the blades
    A solution of 1 gallon of bleach and 1 cup of water sprayed on to the blades will disinfect the area. Clean all the blades thoroughly and let them dry before their next use.


  1. Discard anything that has mold on it
    If the dust cloth’s and tools you been using to clean the A/C unit now have mold on them it’s best to throw them away. You may be able to clean them but perhaps it’s not worth the risk. If you are going to throw them away put them inside of some container such as a plastic bag so as to prevent the spread of mold.

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