Ho,Ho,Ho oh no! How to prevent water damage from Christmas trees

Christmas is a wonderful time of year! Once your lights are hung and the stockings are on the mantel the last piece of decoration that is absolutely essential is the Christmas tree. One of the most common fears when it comes to Christmas tree is a fire starting but another fear is what’s going on under the tree. In order to preserve the green lustre of purchased Christmas trees most people put a basin underneath the tree filled with water. If this starts to leak you may not know that there is an issue until you take the tree to the dumpster sometime in the New Year.

In many ways worse then getting water damage to your flooring could have potential are not damaging the presents under the tree. We put so much hard work into selecting our presence and there is nothing worse than having Christmas ruined by a disaster. Water damage from Christmas trees can be easily prevented.

• Check the water level in the basin under the Christmas tree every day. If your tree seems to be drinking water like a camel in the desert then you may have a leak.
• One of the easiest ways to prevent leak is not to watch the tree. It has the downside of the tree dying faster but it is the safest option.
• If you are determined to water the Christmas tree then enacting a programme of constant vigilance is your best chance of preventing water damage ruining your Christmas.

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