The Key Steps to Minimize flood Damage in your home

If you are a property owner living in an area that has seen severe flooding, it’s time to start planning for the inevitable and try to minimize the damage caused by the water. Keeping this in mind we recommend these three steps in preparation for any major flood.


Water and electricity do not mix. Be sure to shut off the breakers in the flooded areas to avoid electrical shocks. Move all electronic devices to higher ground.


Mold needs water to grow. Within 24 to 48 hours, mold will take hold and begin to replicate. With this in mind, it is essential that the clean up process begin immediately. Water must be removed and the drying process needs to occur. Please call us for professional drying equipment placement as soon as possible. In the meantime using a household fan can start the drying process.


Call your insurance adjustor immediately to get the claim process started. Dealing with a flooding disaster can be overwhelming, call a specialist that has experience!

Safety, Clean Up, and Insurance are the key action steps you must take if you experience flooding. Act quickly to mitigate further damage and the possibility of mold proliferation.

Another key problem that you may face is flooding caused by a sewer back up. To learn more about the causes, prevention, and steps required dealing with a sewer back up.

The basement is one of the areas most likely to sustain water damage in your home. As such taking precautions and what review is your best option for avoid costly repairs later. The best way to decide whether your basement needs work is to have a look at its weaknesses.

Have a look outside your home around the foundation surrounding the basement. If the ground with sloping downwards towards your basement and there is no run-off for the water to go down then pilots and dirt near their and build a rampart. Be sure that any gutters or downspouts are facing away from the basement and any plants should be a least a foot away from the wall so the roots do not head towards your basement and start eroding the walls.

On the inside of the basement you may want to paint it with waterproof paint. Be sure that the product they are using is waterproof instead of water seal. Any cracks in the concrete walls be filled in otherwise it will become a definite problem over time.

Take the walls of your basement of a show nothing feels soggy. Depending on the flooring of your basement if there is a feeling of lifting, if you have wooden floors for example, you may want to lift up the floorboards and see what’s going on underneath.

Any repairs the union feel comfortable doing should be handled by a policy water damage restoration company in the long run this will save you time and money but most of all it will save you peace of mind.

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