The Right Way to Claim Insurance on Water Damage

Water damage is always a challenging problem as it strikes unexpectedly. Many things wander through your mind when water damage occurs and your biggest concern is how the damage will be covered under insurance.

Claiming insurance on water damage can be a complicated process and there are a number of factors that can affect your insurance claim. You must be careful in dealing with the damage as if you do something wrong, the insurance agency might deny coverage. Let’s look at some factors that can make your claim successful and stress-free.

1.     Know what Your Insurance Policy Covers

It is important to be aware of what is covered under your homeowner insurance. Flood is not covered under the insurance policy, so when you’re making a claim never mention any thing such as “flooded”, “flooding issue”. Protect yourself and never describe the water damage as a consequence of flood.

2.      Be Careful with Cleaning

There should be clear evidence that the water damage was sudden or accidental like a heavy storm, sewerage backup, etc., as the insurance provides coverage for such damage.

Repairs must be made and water must be dried quickly after water damage, but if you remove the source of damage, you’ll wipe out the evidence and the adjuster will not take your word for it. So, before you begin the repairs or move something, be sure to document evidence, which leads us to the next advice.

3.     Record Evidence of Damage

Evidence of the damage will always be required to get your insurance claim approved, so document all the damage. Take lots of photos before you begin the repairs and also after the damage has been repaired. This will make your case strong as you’ll be able to show how much damage you have suffered and how much should be paid by the insurance to cover the damage.

Also, do not throw away the damaged items and keep a record of all the items in a detailed inventory to show to the adjuster the extent of the damage.

4.     Note any involvement by others

Water damage can be caused from negligence of another person. For example, your neighbors upstairs had a burst pipe which resulted in damaging your home. Document the incident and all the vital information. Take their name, contact number and information about their insurance coverage and policy, etc.

If the water damage was caused by others, then their insurance will be responsible to provide coverage and you can save your insurance for another time.

5.     Filing Claim

The claim process should move quickly and within 15 minutes of your claim, the insurance provider should send an adjuster to inspect the damage. If they do not send the adjuster right away, contact them again to ensure that adjuster arrives on time.

If you have done everything right, the insurance company will accept your claim and the damage will be covered.

Sometimes, despite strong evidence that the damage was sudden and accidental, the insurance provider resists the claim and tries to deny it. It is therefore best to contact a restoration service that not only can restore your home after damage but also help you with your insurance claim. For this, contact Superior Restoration as we’ll handle your insurance claims so you don’t have to worry about it.



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